About Us

wOOw, a product of Dhaka & China based wOOw Technologies Limited, founded in 2019 by a aspiring entrepreneur having a mindset to cater the service to Bangladesh e-commerce business operator’s. Bangladesh’s first fully automated shipping company tie up with multiple local & International courier, Import overseas products on be half of customers in a convenient way to the local via our platform. Integrated multi-vendor sales channel for merchant's product selling thru power dashboard.

“ A next generation automated courier company with itself marketplace for product delivered to local & International "

As of today, wOOw has more than 1,23,000 happy customers from Bangladesh, UK, USA and China. We have also brought thousands of products from China, Thailand, India,UK and Local for our customers.

wOOw has taken steps to make courier simplified to e-commerce industry for Bangladesh merchants and saving their precious time and money. We giving them opportunities in order to focus on their business sales rather than searching for reliable courier service, managing store orders. With wOOw, many e-commerce merchants getting better control on Non-delivered parcel, Return parcel management, reduced shipping errors, resulting in business sales boost, customer satisfaction.

Our platform allows businesses of any kind of industry to deliver their customers with never been tested before efficiency & Capabilities.