Do you ship personally or sell online, in a marketplace, or in multiple places, woow puts all your orders in one place so you can ship nationally & globally. wOOw is revolutionizing aggregator logistics solutions for eCommerce business. With our all-in-one cloud based shipping software, businesses of all shapes and sizes have the tools needed to scale Bangladesh & globally. Proud that a diversity of small business owners, retail customers, shoppers, shippers globally trust woow as their gateway to the world. Around the world, people are looking for items that are unavailable or overpriced in their home countries. woow delivering the items tax free shopping to consolidate box, ship finally thru cheap rated multi-courier shipping support. wOow envision a borderless possibilities to anyone, anywhere, for you, by you. We currently have offices in Dhaka, New York, Mumbai and Sao Paulo and are rapidly growing.

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We're happy when you are happy. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond. Ship Anywhere: To make shipping with woow you do not need to be a shipping expert. Innovative shipping solutions make your ecommerce business solution much easy.Click & ship in our simple math. Log in , select Shipping to Ship Anywhere.Select destination, create shipping label and deliver to your destination

A flow that is much easier and shipping handy as well as less pricing. Check our service market best rate and utmost technology based. We partnered up with the best carriers in Bangladesh, India, North America such as UPS, USPS, DHL,FedEx and many more. We are a shipping company with operations in USA, Bangladesh, China,India. We focus on shipping solutions for businesses.

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Woow shop & ship model is a dropshipping and fulfillment option. Getting started with woow is easy! Simply sign up with, get your US-based address, and start shipping. Our industry-leading, global shipping is ready to help you whenever you need them. Click on the button below to get registration.


woow makes it easy for you to shop any U.S. website and receive your packages in our secure warehouses. We offer fast, reliable and efficient package, mail and freight forwarding to all over the word. To enable the service visit select Shipping to SHOP&SHIP and start your journey. Product receive report to shipping journey report get all in your registered dashboard.

● Competitive price.

● International Delivery.

● Secured payment gateway.

● Customer care.

● Shopping safely.

Woow receives multiple packages on its warehouse where it arranges re-packaging or consolidation for shipping its customer destination. We have dedicated team members who are assigned for country wise service operations

Nicely packed or even repacked upon customer request and ship or pick up by customers. Consolidation of packages: Our users take the best advantage on how to save even more money on shipping. You can ship multiple packages individually, but if you combine them during consolidation, the shipping cost can be reduced by 50-70%. Multiple Shipping methods: We have partnered with many shipping companies so you have a lot of choices about what shipping method to use

Cargo Shipping 👍

Most cheapest and fastest service for the Bangladesh community. We serve several air shipping freight services to our bulk purchased customers. Who own massive volume and large scale shipping we offering best cheapest mode shipping worldwide. Its a door to door delivery including customs brokerage service along with home delivery. We enabled service to e commerce giant to start up company.

Just register and select CARGO TO BANGLADESH. Log in with your credential to book your scheduled shipment.

Get updates thru your dashboard and sms notification for your fleet approach. It's a simple business shipping design for your shipping needs.

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