Our focus is on borderless possibilities on shopping & shipping globally. wOow is a package & cargo shipping freight company that builds business solutions to make international shopping easy and cheaper.

We are also shipping a solution-based System Since 2019 for all business ranging social sellers and large-scale shippers with high volume shipments.

Along with this, wOow is a trusted business solution for over 900+ sellers across the United States & Bangladesh.

In 2019 was founded in Bangladesh and incorporated in the United States in 2021. wOow brought the culture of online shopping to Bangladesh. As a new product in the country, we also took on our educational part and a number of educational events led to organizing shopping fun, aimed was to provide everything a person needs to become an international shopper shipper. Now, it’s the most-popular shopping & shipping company.

Currently wOow has 2 warehouses to receive and process your packages. Having multiple agent locations allows us to do faster operations with larger shipping capacity. Both facilities are located in a well-connected easily accessible area.