Prohibited Items

Which items are prohibited?

Each carrier has different shipping policies, however, in this list you will be able to know the items that are prohibited to ship through woow system.

      Foreign lottery tickets or announcements.

      Hazardous materials and waste, unless authorization is obtained from the competent authority.

      Psychotropic and narcotic drugs, unless their possession or transfer is lawful in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

      Firearms and explosives.

      Animals or perishable, that do not comply with adequate hygiene and safety conditions.

      Money or bearer or negotiable credits.

      Any other product that does not have the specific permission or is restricted by some law.

      Glassware and ceramic items.

Learn which items are prohibited by specific carriers.





And All other carriers guidelines that we follows

What happens if I ship a prohibited item?

woow does not audit your shipments or manipulate them, so in the event that a prohibited material or article is found, the package will be retained and woow will not be responsible for the detention, delay, or destruction of the same and neither will it apply a refund or the insurance that was acquired for breaking with the policies of woow so remember that you are solely responsible for the material that is sent.

A prohibited item may be retained and even destroyed. There are items that cannot be transported through our services.

These are objects whose circulation is not allowed in accordance with applicable national or international laws for reasons of safety, public health, general utility and protection of the service.

In the event that it is collected, the carrier can retain the merchandise at any national or international point, waiting for the customer to collect it by his means, in this sense woow, You will not be able to collaborate in the resolution of the incident, since none of the companies that the search engine publishes admit this type of article. woow will charge the shipping contractor any additional expense that may generate this type of incident (storage, destruction in a clean point, etc.).

woow will not accept claims for delays in deliveries or any derivative expense that may involve the retention of the merchandise, or even the destruction of it.

In addition to the items listed, both prohibited and excluded from insurance coverage, each transport agency may have its own limitations added to those already mentioned, so we recommend reviewing the general conditions of service of the chosen carrier package.